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on the official website for the concert of Dio -distraught overlord- in Zurich 2009

This website will provide you with all the necessary information and keep you up-to-date about the concert of Dio -distraught overlord- at Werk 21 in Zurich on October 14.

If you don’t want to get your ticket during the pre-sale: Tickets will be sold for CHF 37.- after about 8pm at the box office. Please keep in mind that we accept CHF only.
Since the admittance is in order of the ticket numbers, those who have bought their ticket at the box office will have to wait until all others have been let in.

The following time table indicates your slot:
Nr. 001-015 - 19:00       Nr. 076-090 - 19:50
Nr. 016-030 - 19:10       Nr. 091-105 - 20:00
Nr. 031-045 - 19:20       Nr. 106-120 - 20:10
Nr. 046-060 - 19:30       Nr. 121-etc. - 20:20
Nr. 061-075 - 19:40

Wed appreciate it if you dont arrive at the venue until about 30-60min before the time slot that has been assigned to your ticket number.


2009-10-03 - Video message from Dio

2009-10-03 - End of pre-sale & taking pictures

On September 29th the pre-sale has ended, which means that you still have the option of reserving your tickets online until October 13th, and to pay for them at the box office. Of course you can also purchase tickets at the box office without a reservation.

We would also like to inform you that taking pictures during the concert is allowed, but only with digital cameras and without flash. Video recordings, as well as taking photographs with SLR (single lens reflex) cameras are both forbidden. The Violation of these rules will result in removal of the camera, which can be picked up only after the concert at the coat check.

2009-09-06 - Signing session with Dio -distraught overlord-

Dio's management has agreed to surprise the Swiss fans with a gift.
The five boys will hold a signing session on the day of the concert (Wednesday, October 14th), around 5:30pm at Werk 21. Due to the strict schedule, only 50 people will be allowed to attend the signing session. We will hold a drawing in order to determine these 50 people.
Everyone who has already bought and paid their ticket is allowed to participate. The deadline for the drawing is September 28th (midnight). Afterwards we will contact the winners as soon as possible via e-mail.

If you'd like to participate, then send us an e-mail with your name, date of birth, as well as your ticket number to: contest[at]vk-jrock.ch

Because the number of people allowed at the signing is limited, we ask you out of fairness to only participate in the drawing if you can come for sure. It would be a pity if not all winners showed up. Furthermore, please send your e-mail to the above mentioned address only. E-mails that we receive at different addresses cannot be included in the drawing.

2009-08-19 - E-mail problems

Since some deadlines for orders already expired and we haven't heard from the people affected by this, we must assume that in some cases our e-mails haven't arrived. Therefore, once again:

Our processing terms:

Order until issuing of invoice: 2 days
Ticket delivery bank transfer via e-banking: 3 Tage
Ticket delivery bank-, and post payments, etc.: 1 to roughly 2 weeks

In case you haven't heard from us after the expiration of the respective terms, please write to us again, maybe even with a different e-mail address. In this case, please include your full name, as well as your ticket number if you've already got one.
We ask you to also check your spam folder for our e-mails, since it's possible for them to end up there.

2009-07-29 - Regarding Erina's Retirement

During their concert today, Dio have announced that Erina will leave the band after their show on September 25th at Shibuya Crest.
The upcoming European Tour will take place as planned but Dio will unfortunately go on this quest without Erina.

We hope that you will continue to support Dio in their new form as well and give them a hot concert they won't forget like last year's.

Edited on July 30.

2009-07-23 - Thank you for ordering

We'd like to thank everyone who has already ordered their tickets. We'd also like to point out that you will receive your ticket number and invoice with another e-mail. The confirmation of delivery which you have received after placing the order for your ticket simply means that we have received your order. However, that doesn't mean that we've already processed your order. This might take up to 2 days so we'd like to ask you to be patient for that period.

2009-07-23 - Start of Pre-Selling

The pre-selling for the concert will start July 23rd, at 20:00 Swiss time (GMT+1).

Please don't fill in the form before 8 p.m. If we get any orders before 8, we won't process them and delete them immediately.

2009-07-20 - Opening of Website

Starting today our website for the concert of Dio -distraught overlord- is online. We hope that you can find all answers to your questions here.

Your VK & JRock Team