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Dio – distraught overlord is still a relatively young band from Tokyo and was formed in 2006. Their current line-up was completed shortly after with mikaru (vo), erina (gt), kei (gt), ivy (ba) and denka (dr) - each of them musicians who had been active in the Japanese independent music scene before.

Both their music and their looks follow the concept which they have given themselves through their name, distraught overlord. The songs of the quintet are heavy and gloomy, yet melodic, and can be assigned to the broad genre of metal. Their clothes follow this basic idea, and are mostly dark, but were also bright for some time, and thus formed a clear contrast to the music at that time. By now, Dio have released five singles, one mini-album, one studio record, as well as two DVDs in Japan.

In the summer of 2007 they made their debut overseas at the Japan Expo in Paris, in front of 5'000 people. In March 2008 the group returned to Europe once again for 13 concerts, including their very first show in Switzerland. In November of the same year the group returned for another tour and performed in Germany, Belgium, Poland, England, France and Finland. Furthermore, we were able to bring them to Zurich for an exclusive concert, which was a great success. In the course of their new Euro tour, the aspiring band will perform in Switzerland for the third time on October 14th '09.

If you'd like to know more about the band you can find their full biography and discography as well as music videos at Nippon Project, our media partner:
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Visual kei is composed of the term visual, and the kanji 系 for kei (system, origin, descent, clique). Visual kei, abbreviated with VK, is a movement of the Japanese independent music scene, which causes a furore in the foreign media by a partly excessive and eccentric look, heavy make-up and unusual hair styles, often coupled with an androgynous appearance of some of the members of these bands. The music itself can't be assigned to a single genre: From punk and metal to pop and rock; visual kei is present in almost every musical category.

       Ba: Ivy               Gt: Erina             Vo: Mikaru                 Gt: Kei                Dr: Denka