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General Terms and Conditions

Issued tickets are only limitedly transferable. The owner of the ticket has to identify themselves during admittance (only passports, identity cards and driver's licences are accepted). For the validation the first name, name and date of birth have to be identical with the information on the ticket. If one wants to resell their ticket, one has to contact VK & JRock CH at ticketinfo[at]vk-jrock.ch. The respective mail has to be sent from the account noted on the ticket and should include the name, date of birth, e-mail address and ticket number as well as all information of the new ticket owner. We will then issue a new ticket and send it directly to the new owner. The previous owner will receive a confirmation.

Changes can be communicated to us until October 14th at 12 noontime (GMT+1).

Attention: The ticket is not valid without any form of identification. Furthermore the first person who shows the ticket will be admitted. Please keep your ticket in a safe place so that nobody can copy it.

Remark: Since there's no disclosure in Switzerland, people who don't own any form of identification should contact us at ticketinfo[at]vk-jrock.ch. We'll try to find an individual solution for them.

Cancellation of the Event
If the concert is cancelled the ticket price, with the exception of the processing fees, will be reimbursed completely. Details will be published on the website of the event if the situation should arise.

Admittance will be in order of the ticket numbers. Therefore we ask you not to come much earlier than the entrance time scheduled for your ticket number.

Age limit
People under 14 years are only allowed in company of an adult.

VK & JRock CH commits itself to not pass any personal information to third parties and to keep the communicated personal information in save custody. All information will be deleted according to the contract after the event as taken place.
VK & JRock CH has the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.